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Our Instructors

Grand Master Frank and Nancy Caliguri — over 100 years combined experience!

Commemorating the first organized and regulated MMA fights in U.S. history.

Grand Master Frank Caliguri
President and Master Instructor Academy of Martial Arts Inc 
10th DAN Grand Master
United States Association of Martial Artists State Representative
PKRA Director 

• 10th Degree Black Belt - Grand Master (Judan)

• Former World & National Competitor

• 61 Years Experience

• Black Belt — Renshi in Kobudo, The Art of Weaponry

• 1997 Black Belt Hall of Fame (U.S.K.A.)

• 1999 Alle-Kiski Sports Hall of Fame

• World Champion, Masters Kata Division 2001 USKA Worlds, New Orleans

* Hawks International Society member

Shodan - June 28, 1971 (1st degree Black Belt)

Nidan - Aug. 28, 1973 (2nd degree Black Belt)

Sandan - Nov. 4, 1974 (3rd degree Black Belt)

Yodan - May 16, 1977 (4th degree Black Belt)

Godan - Aug. 24, 1979 (5th degree Black Belt)

Roku-dan - July 12, 1982 (6th degree Black Belt)

Shichi-dan - Jan, 7, 1990 (7th degree Black Belt)

Renshi - Kobudo March 3, 1986

Hanchi Dan - Nov, 2, 1997 (8th degree Black Belt)

USKA Hall of Fame - July 1997

Alle-Kiski Hall of Fame - 1999

Kudan - May 15, 2010 (9th degree Black Belt)

Judan - November 13, 2021 (10th degree Black Belt - Grand Master)

Frank Caliguri receives 10th - Degree Black Belt - Grand Master


Frank Caliguri receives 9th - degree Black Belt - Valley News Dispatch

Sensei Frank Caliguri was honored with a display at the Heinz Sports Museum in Pittsburgh with

Co-Promoter Bill Viola as the first promoters of Mixed Martial Arts Events (MMA) in the USA.

Western Pennsylvania HISTORY - Fall Issue 2011, Tough Guys

Caliguri's MMA history honored - Valley News Dispatch

Kata Master comes out of retirement to capture world title

Frank Caliguri featured in the Godfathers of MMA: The Birth of an American Sport

Featured with Bill Viola in Showtime documentary "TOUGH GUYS".

Master Nancy Caliguri​


• 9th Degree Black Belt

• Former State and National Women's Black Belt Kata Champion

• Certified Women's Self Defense Instructor

• 49 Years  Experience

• Black Belt – Nidan in Kobudo, The Art of Weaponry

• 2001 Tri-State Hall of Fame

• 2003 Second Place Women's Masters Kata USKA World Championships

• 2004 Alle-Kiski Hall of Fame Inductee

• 2007/2008 PKC Women’s Black Belt Kata National Title

• 2008 IKKF Competitor of the Year

• 2008/2009 PKC Women’s Black Belt Kata National Title

• 2009/2010 PKC Women’s Black Belt Kata National Title

• 2010/2011 PKC Women’s Black Belt Kata National Title

* 2018 Hawkes Int'l Society Inductee

Shodan - October 18, 1980 (1st degree Black Belt)

Nidan - November 24, 1982 (2nd degree Black Belt)

Sandan - March 1987 (3rd degree Black Belt)

Renshi - Kobudo July 1993

Yodan - November 1993 (4th degree Black Belt)

Godan - November 1997 (5th degree Black Belt)

Roku-dan - August 4th, 2001 (6th degree Black Belt)

Nidan -  Okinawan Kempo Kobudo June 2004

Shichi-dan - August 2nd, 2008 (7th degree Black Belt)

Hanshi-dan - July 13,2013 (8th degree Black Belt)

Kudan - November 11, 2023 (9th degree Black Belt)

Nancy Caliguri received the Legend of Honor award at the PKC Internationals in Indiana,

The award was presented by Sensei, Dr. Jordan USK Alliance, Master Keeney, PKC, Master Koeppel USKK.

Valley News Dispatch – Karate champ’s comeback a success

Hall: Women make history - The A-K Hall welcomed Nancy Caliguri

The Secret of the Bamboo Trail (Children's Book)- Written by Nancy Caliguri and published in 2015.

Kelli Caliguri​
PKRA Point Director


Assistant Instructor and dedicated competitor throughout her career within her years of promotion through her ranks of Shorin-Ryu, Washin-Ryu Kobudo training with many profound instructors.  Instructors that emphasize dedication and the true meaning of Martial Arts.  Trained under some of the most Notorious Masters in the history of the art of Karate such as Grand Master Robert A. Trias, Master Hidy Ochai and Master C. Bruce and Master Anne Marie Heilman.


History of training and certifications:

1983 – Began training under the Instruction of Frank and Nancy Caliguri at Academy of Martial Arts in Arnold, PA

2005 – Diploma, 1st Dan Shorin-ryu Karate

(Caliguri, United States Karate Alliance and United States Karate-Do Kai)



Assistant Instructor



• United States Karate Alliance

• International Karate Kobudo Federation (IKKF)

• Professional Karate Commission (PKC)

• United States Karate-Do Kai (USKK) USA

• Pennsylvania Karate Rating Commission (PKRA)

• United States Karate Association (USKA) Past

• United States Association of Martial Arts (USAMA)

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