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Academy of Martial Arts History

The AMA was formed in 1971 by Shihan Caliguri who had previously taught in downtown Pittsburgh and in South Hills.

The system of Karate taught at the Academy is an Open System. Open system means that there is not just one style being taught. 

Karate System

This school adheres to the Shorin-Ryu (ancient or pine forest way), a system derived both in name and method from Shaolin Temple Boxing. Shorin-Ryu Karate is one of the oldest Okinawan systems. It has retained many of the original aspects of ancient fighting arts; yet, it has progressed when necessary to cope with modern concepts.

We also train in the Washin-Ryu system. This is a Hard Style from Japan. The techniques are done with power and grace at the same time. Master Hidy Ochiai of New York is the head of the Washin-ryu system.

Hidy Ochiai Washin-Ryu Karate - 1989
Hidy Ochiai - Apple Sliced with Sword demonstration
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