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Tribute to Michael (Mick) Grotefend

A True Warrior, 1962 – 2017

Formerly from Springdale, PA, currently residing in New Jersey. Formerly light, heavy weight and cruiser weight united states Kickboxing Champion and National Karate Champion. Michael began training at the Caliguri Academy of Martial Arts at the age of 6 and at the age of 16 he was a top 10 Kickboxing Contender and a National Karate Champion. He was one of the hardest training and dedicated students that the academy has ever had. He also taught martial arts at the academy as well as numerous other places throughout the tri-state area. He also taught boxing and kick boxing classes. His parents reside in New Jersey and he is the proud father of his son, Bill, who resides with his family in Springdale, PA.


We thank you Michael for your contributions to the martial arts and you will be missed by many.


Your Sensei,

Frank Caliguri

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