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What is Karate?

Karate is the ultimate of the unarmed Martial Arts. The word Karate means empty hands; Kara = empty, te = hand (pronounced tay); therefore, empty hands, or hands without weapons. Actually the hands, elbows, knees, feet & other parts of the body are the Karate-ka's (persons) weapons. Karate specializes in striking blows, such as kicking, chopping, slashing, clawing, stabbing, and gouging techniques, along with a few locking & throwing tricks wich are used in special instances where it is more practical to throw or lock than to deliver a strike or blow.

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Karate - Who Needs It?

In today's fast paced environment with the expanded personal freedom which is so often abused, especially by the young, one often feels the need of a fresh sense of mortality, dignity & self respect. One has the feeling that these traits frequently go untaught in today's society.

An ancient art, Karate attempts to instill in its practitioners these ideals along with physical development & mental well being. The youth of today, searching for a sense of self fulfillment, self satisfaction & self respect anchored to a firm moral foundation, find their answer in the study of Karate.

Caliguri's Academy of Martial Arts is the First and STILL THE BEST Martial Arts School In the Area! Serving New Kensington, Arnold, Lower Burrell, Leechburg, Vandergrift, Apollo, Freeport, Sarver, Natrona Heights, Tarentum, Cheswick, Sprindale, Russelton, Plum Boro, Oakmont, Springdale and all surrounding areas! 

• Karate for Men, Women, and Children

• Women's Self-Defense Classes

• Kobudo, The Art of Weaponry

• Certified Instructors

• Family Discounts

Build character in mind and body, develop self-confidence, discipline, get in shape, and learn how to defend yourself from one of the first and still the best martial arts schools in the area, Caliguri's Academy of Martial Arts.


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